Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm going Banana's

But this time it's Ok... We have just finished another round of Banana parties. I so wish I could have been there ... it is such a blast to see how excited the kids get with a banana. did bring some other fruit with us as well... you can see more photos over on the iam1ru site in the small dreams section....
I asked if there was anything that we could bring them from Canada... Normally we would expect get a big list of special creams and ointments , vitamins etc.... this time it was the basics .
1. potato
3. lure
5. baby food
8.powdered detergent for automat mashin

It's fun to provide the extras, but sometimes we need to just stop and make sure that the basic necessities of life are being met. Maybe we can get a "cabbage and potato club" drop for them...

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