Friday, February 06, 2009

Down to the wire .... tickets ordered

Since returning from Central Asia at the end of the summer , We have purposed our selves to be a voice for our friends that we left behind that have no voice. We have worked to expand the sponsorship program, and help put together the former Simple dreams site which is now known as "iam1ru".. We have had such an incredible response to this site... we have seen life saving operations, children's parties, days on the town, more teachers hired, guard dogs purchases and water brought to the disabled... Many emergency needs have also been met, like those of the men at the invalid home, and a family of children that were expelled from the orphanage simply because the paper work was not in order... We have traveled all over parts of Ontario and Quebec, and have recently ventured down to Ohio in an attempt to share the story. I can honestly say without a doubt that since we have been home we have done all that we could to make a difference in the lives of those who are living in the dark corners of society.....
It is our dream to continue these efforts in the years to come. We believe that the most effective way to do this would be to spend three months in the spring and three months in the fall in Central Asia... We have the most incredible group of people working in Central Asia right now... I think that we are well over 20 now that are full time, and many others that help us part time...Just over the last few months we have been overwhelmed with the support of many of the different projects and sponsorships, I can just amagin how overwhelming it is for our friends ... I want to make sure that everything is in place so we can continue and to grow the entire iam1ru project.
As you have seen , above on the ticker tape, we will be returning this March. this will be a shorter trip, Julie and the girls along with their friend Hanna ( you will recognise her from the youth team ) will be there until the end of March, and I will be there until the end of April. This just means that we will need to work double time to get all the followup and sponsorship reports done.
I guess I am still procrastinating... with this post.... several other supporters around us have insisted that I need to come out and ask for help and I guess I know that they are right ... It is easy for me to ask for help for others, but not so much for ourselves. I guess I feel that so many of you have done so much already to help us , but the fact is that while it is popular to ask for support for the widows and the orphans, I realize that the store house must be healthy if we are going to continue to impact they way we are meant to.
So at great duress, I would like to ask you to please partner with us this spring.. you can donate using one of the buttons at the top the right side of this blog.
Thank you for taking the time to consider what you are able to do to help out.
Blessings John

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LAMb International said...

Our dear friend! and friends of John and Julie....

You need financial help to travel, go to the different sites, bring to the children the donated items and to feed your family while you are away from jobs in Canada and ministering to the needy in Krygyzstan.

Friends, John needs a Store House full of resources so he can do the work others are not yet able to travel to do! By sponsoring him and his family - you are THERE WITH HIM. Trust us, no one does it better there than he does! He and Julie are gifts from the Father to these children in Kyrgyzstan.