Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looking for Heroes ? ... I found one !

Over on the Lajoy family blog , Cindy has been talking about A Lament for Missing Heroes , I thought I would share one of mine.

Let me tell you a little story about Larisa..
Larisa is our Dream agent in Central Asia... She is the Lady that looks after the kids in the dump, the men in the Invalid home, organized the village water project, and many of the other individual projects to help the needy in her community. If you look back through previous posts, you will see that this has been a very difficult winter for her ... many of those that she has been trying to help have simply not survived this winter... her heart has been broken over and over...there have been many other set backs that I have not shared.... I have been concerned for her and how she will be taking it, then last week, she had more troubles. She had borrowed a Van to bring a load of food out to the Invalid home, and was in a bad accident... she was spared, but the van was lost... I think of the story of Job, where God tells Satin ... "You can destroy everything he owns, but you can not touch his life !"
There are a few iam1ru projects that Larisa has been working on for us, and in light of the recent troubles, I did not want to push her, I assumed that she may be down for the count, But like Job..... she has a faith and a perseverance to cary on....
Here is the report that I just received from her.... I will post it in the original translation, then try to bring a little more understanding with the photo's ....

Hallo . John and Julie greetings.
I ask from you a pardon because could not give you the report in time...
John when we read your blogs we always reason and wonder that insofar deeply you touch the problems of the people and you try to help.thank God for your heart.
I could not well feel deeply this word simple daydreams ,but today I have understood what strong love father-simple daydream.
When I next once communicated with this elderly persons his name is Volodya.He 82, he was dress;clad in very fine raincoat and thin torn shirt.The Russian валенки and aging hat cap with earflaps . on the street snow and strong wind .cold winter.He is a solitary very modest and real requiring person in warm cloth and feeding main in contact.He was divided that from childhood dreamed of white cap.I never think conceived that blanching nodding can be such distant daydream from the childhood elderly men and bring him so much joys and happiness.
He cried from happiness he did not believe that simply so who that can come to his life and do for it gratis.He thought that there is no one not need. He went the integer by days on city to only not to freeze and in quest of foods. And in this time has found his Gog Now I know for sure ,what is a simple daydream.
The Report:
Cap 150 som
pants 200 som
Jacket-700 som
Shirt warm-250 som
Shose-300 som
Socks-4*25=100 som
Stockings man's-250 som
Mike-50 som
All :2000 som /40.20 (rate) = 49.75 $

Thanks big that you bring light, live and hope for the future.Good by Tanya and Larisa.We lave you all and wait you.
Hello John and Julie
I am sorry that I did not get this report to you a little sooner.
When I follow the blog, I am always amazed how well you are able to convey the difficulties our friends are facing... thank God for your heart. I have to tell you that when you talked before about " Simple Dreams", I never really understood the concept, but today I have seen the power behind meeting a dream ...
About the man named Valodya that you sent money to help... He is the 83 year old man we found living on the streets. Despite the terrible cold and strong winds and snow, he only had a light weight coat and a thin torn shirt. He has nothing and and must beg for the clothes on his back and the food he eats.
When we asked him about his dreams, he shared that when he was small he dreamed of one day having a white hat, but that was a long time ago, and he has long since given up. I never could have imagined the impact that simply saying Yes to meeting a simple dream could have made such an impact on a person, and bring such Joy and Happiness. He was so happy that he began to cry... He could not believe that someone would come along and fulfill this dream, and ask for nothing in return . It has been a few days now since he has had to beg on the streets . In this time he has realized that he is loved, and his faith in God has been renewed .

Larisa buying him the warm snow pants (stockings)trying on the new jacket
And finally the white hat.

Larisa ends by saying... "now I understand what it is to dream !"

Larisa... thank you for reminding me again why we do what we do..., but most of all for giving me the courage to press on at times when things can appear to be closing in.... that's why you are one of my modern day hero's


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