Monday, February 23, 2009

2 more warming rooms completed

Hallo !!!!!!John and Julie
Very joy get your good letter We very grateful for your big labour to search finance -not easily.Your loud voice speek for helpless people.I send the big regard and thanks from the workers and mans sick this invalid's building.Thank you all to whom not indifferent to life of these people.On this photo worker were going to thank for: For rooms of the rest which become please where can hide from chill not to die, as many others man before. This place where can seat on good bench ,instead of board on floor.Warm carpet .New linoleum, clean wall ,good safe electricity ,illumination and otherThe Good radiator dry their cloths and give worm them in winter . Thank you for necessary dinners to food them and keep live. Thank you for warm socks ,rug ,mittens, caps,blankets .For medicine and vitamins.So has said us their doctor Well understand that Lord came and so much change. John Forgive me for my excellent English . I know that need in practice.. good bye
There were two new warming / activity rooms completed with this latest renovation. One room with a TV set and benches and the other room is for crafts. This is just so incredible to see happen... This brings us now to four rooms in the six sections that have heat, and some form of activity centre... The Hope that this is bringing these men is beyond belief... One of the great things is that Larissa and her friends are able to bring supplies and lend support, but a lot of the work the men in the home have had the opportunity to take part in . It has been such a boost to them, it has given them an opportunity to accomplish something... something real and something that they can be proud of.... When we first started these renovations, I felt like I was to tell them that we would make sure that there was at least one warming room in each section, but facing such a desperate situation with so many needs, I was overwhelmed and did not have the faith to step out and make that promise....Now with only two more rooms to go, I am getting a little bolder.... I am almost there.... who knows, maybe someone will come along side me on this one and make that declaration for me.....


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Hey John,

what kinds of activities would these men need? What would be appropriate? games? if so, what kind? Craft items...if so what kind? Can you give me some ideas?