Monday, February 23, 2009

Have you ever packed a shoe box ?

Yesterday we was in the town orphanage. We are got a gifts " Samaritatn's Pers", and we gave for kids in the town orphanage. We was togever with kids from breack dance. And we have a special presets for all kids.
They togever danced and after we eat cakes, and buns ( we bout cakes and buns) . After we gave a gifts for all kids and they was happy it was joy for them.
I want say, what is very good idea who is start doing the gifts " Samaritan's Pers" is make big joy, and big bless for kids and for who give that gifts. We felt a big joy when saw how kids was happy. Kids had a big joy and forget sai goodbye for us :) They went in their rooms and keep on look the gifts.
We send for you foto you we like.
Dream Agent ...Anya.

I think that it's times like this that make the biggest impact in a child's life.... it is the difference between giving them a home and simply warehousing them until something better comes along.... I'm telling you... NO child that ever comes in contact with Anya will EVER go away feeling like no one cares about them.... She has done such an incredible job keeping up with everything that is going on and meeting all the dreams she finds.... Unless you have tried to accomplish anything yourself in Central Asia, you would not realize how difficult that can be at times.... another thing that you would not realize unless you have been there, is that there is no way you can say good bye to the kids in under an hour, so for them to go off to their rooms with out saying good bye... they must have been totally enveloped with the excitement of there gifts. To the millions that packed these gifts from all over the world..... THANK YOU.


Mint Man said...

John...please forgive me but I had to post a link to this blog at Samaritan Purse's Facebook group. I thought it was worth sharing.

David and Jayne Schooler said...

Great seeing the kids...what a blesing for them....such great memories are being created for these beautiful children

Anonymous said...

Every year we and the kids pack up the shoe boxes trying to squeeze just one more thing in, I wonder will they like what we packed, did we pack enough stuff, did we choose wisely the contents, will it help, will it bring a little happiness to them, will they know that we packed it with prayers and love....and then I remember: It doesn't matter on this side whether I ever know, it only matters that we sent it leaving the details in the hands of a God who knows how to get the perfect "purse" into the hands of that "perfect" child.
Thank you for a unexpected, beautiful "purse" for me.
My nose hurts.
We ♥ you guys.