Friday, October 31, 2008

The Grace to Forgive.....

Have you ever had that ANGER rise up in you... It has taken me some time to properly process this news.... and I must admit, my first reaction was not such a Christian one.... Here is the letter I received.
"Yestarday we went in the capital city with Aygula, and in this time when we been in the capital city all kids was in the school and in this time nobody not stayt in the house and for this time someboby killed two sheeps in the garden, just leave two sheep's heads and foots, and all meat is gone. Aigulya and kids is very sad, and kids cry. I think what somebody knew about what in the house long time not will have people. Is sad,and was mad, but I know what God know this and know who is did, they are very poor because God will work with them.
Please pray about Aigula and kids too, what they will have peace. And I mad about what this happend for Sabira's bithday next day. "
As I was dealing with such feelings of sorrow for the kids and anger and ill will toward whomever did this, I received this email from Acel ....
" Last Sunday Aiperi came church and told us their sad story. Their sheeps are stolen. Next day they found sheeps heads , skins, feet somewhere else. It was about 10 days ago. Soooo sad. But she says, we forgive thouse people and blessed in our prayers. "
It is one thing to Forgive, but to pray blessings on them... So close to the situation, and yet they have such grace to forgive. That does not mean that the hurt is gone, but I am sure they will over come.... I asked Anya what she thought we should do now.... My concern is that first it's the sheep, then where will this escalate to from here ?
"I think what need buy sheep for them because Turat was very sad and he cry. But If we will buy more sheep we need find a good big dog, is will good. I know what in Canada all dogs live in the houses :) And they all like baby in this family :) But not here :) Here dog work like security and here dogs eat food like people eat ( after people food ) and live outsaid. If some people will read this e-mail they will have shock I know :) But is truth our live."
I have asked Anya to start shopping for a BIG MEAN DOG..... Hay ! BIG MEAN DOG works for me.... I would just love to see it latched onto the back side of the next poacher..... OK maybe I am still dealing with this and could use a little more of that grace!


Ann said...

John, I am a dog person and we know Bishkek is full of dogs... But if you need a sponsor to buy said BIG MEAN DOG I will sponsor BIG MEAN DOG!!!!


Hilary Marquis said...

Aigula and her children are true examples of what our reaction should be...sadly, that was not MY reaction either. I'm with you John, bring on the BIG MEAN DOG with teeth in the guily party's tush! ;) What would it cost to replace the sheep? I know that nothing will heal Turat's heart that quickly and we will pray for him. All I could think about was how my Tyler would feel if it had been his chicken.

Anonymous said...

I remember the day well, the day that Turat picked the sheep out of the herd. I also remeber the day well when Jesus pulled me out of the herd and made me one of his. This is a crazy world in which we live. Such a blessing this was to be able to help this family with the animals. The animals can be replaced I guess, but the protection for the family is my concern, a BIG MEAN DOG may be the answer, just like the one next door to Turat, but meaner. But through all of this, nothing can replace the smiles on thier faces and in thier hearts when the sheep jumped (pushed) off the delivery truck in July. That joy is what thier hearts will remember, and that ordinary people half way around the world feel the sadness that this has caused, people that come to love them as our own families.
John, continue with the reports good and sad, keep it real,


Dan :)

Maria said...

Ah John! Righeous anger is not a bad thing. But what a blessing to read about their reaction of forgiving and praying blessings. It says to me that your work there was more than a success in providing sheep, but in providing the Shepherd for them, which is something, unlike sheep, that cannot be replaced. I am so sorry this happened to them, but, as you are more than well aware, it is such a poor country and so not like where we live. It's very, very sad. I think the guard dog is a great idea. Blessings, friend!!

Tapsalteerie said...

I am in tears at the grace shown by this family. I live on a small farm... and I don't know that I, someone who is not economically or physically dependent on the animals, could show that much grace. The only "positive" that I see is that it appears the sheep were eaten and not just maliciously killed.