Monday, November 03, 2008

Sample from The Simple Dreams sight .

Here is one of the Dreams from the new sight.. .. I re posted this here because I wanted to show the types of issues that are faced on a daily basis in Central Asia . When we arrived in town, we were bombarded with similar requests... each on its own was manageable , but together they become very over whelming.... We simply ran out of our own finances in the first six weeks we were there... We tried to do it on our own... We had to reach the point that we realized that we were not on our own, and that there are people around the world that carried the same bordon we did for the people of Central Asia...We learned that we had to rely on them... Together, we were able to meat thousands of dollars of simple dreams like this one. This is part of the reason for the Simple Dreams sight.... Can you imagine if you were given the sentence that Lili has been given.... For her there is nothing Simple about it... if it was , her life would not be depending on the generosity of others . here is the post .........

It is difficult enough when you see people that are in need, but it is more distressing to me when it is GOOD people that are taken down... People that are working to make the world a better place... This is an email that I just received about Lili...

"She has hernia for about two and a half years. Doctors say
it's a third stage and it might be fatal for her if she will not have surgery
within 4 months. The income of the family very limited about 30 dollars per
month. There is no work in their village for them and they live on the mothers pension.
Despite this, the work that they do in their community is
great. They go to theirs and neighboring villages to help old people and
invalids work with the young people. Also Lili would go to other villages
and would do medical check up for residents and people from neighboring
village. "

You know... by helping Lili... we will be helping an entire community...
The cost of this operation is .......$345

Please check out the sight when you have the opportunity.... You know you don't have to be a Bill Gates or an Oprah Winfrey to be a philanthropist.... we can all be one!

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Cindy LaJoy said...

Hey John! Thanks for putting together Simple Dreams. I am presenting YOU to our Outreach Committee finally on Tuesday night and ask for your prayers that hearts would be touched and motivated to action. I'd love nothing more than to be a temporary Dream Agent in person myself for a day or two this spring. Looks like, at this time, our agency is telling us we will be there in April-ish, if all goes well.


PS: Thanks for your blog comment today, you and your daughters had me laughing...and yes I DO feel sometimes certain biblical words should be applied :-)