Sunday, October 05, 2008

Picking up steam !

Well this is going to be a busy week ahead...
We have had some real break troughs in Central Asia as well as the home front... One of the greatest burdens on our hearts was for Altyni's family , We just received word that the kids have now been excepted at the town orphanage... This is such a blessing ... This orphanage is only a couple of blocks from where Altyni is going to school, and is also where she is working on the weekends . Anya has worked so hard and has put so much of herself into this family... it is great to see the impact that she is having. This is a photo of Altyni with Anya and Captain Yang at the freshman celebration at the institute. The Hope and potential that is represented by the three in this photo is incredible...Three generations that are going to change a nation.
Now on the home front, We have had so much interest in the sponsorship program, as well as such needs to meet, that we have decided to fast track some of the cases. We will set up temporary sponsorship that we will roll into the full program once the web design etc. is in place. ... so watch in the next week as we begin posting some of the available sponsorships.
Also as We mentioned earlier, we are gearing up for what is going to be an incredible month... We have workers from Central Asia coming to raise awareness for the many programs that we support .
The month will finish with one incredible evening that we are believing will meet the entire years budget of $60 000 for our 22 employees and their projects in Central Asia... Between them, they reach out to literal thousands of hurting and helpless every day.
We have had a few more exciting things happen this last week... I will share a little more in the next few days. But for now I want to close with a comment I received a few weeks back that you may have missed...

In the deserts around the world,
people still live there, 99% of
the time, there is no water, but they still
stay, because every year the rains
come back, even for only 1% of the time.
And that's enough Hope to keep them
going, in that 1% they plant their crops
and advance a little further than last
year. That hope and Faith in the
rains coming every year is why they do not give
up.JJBE you are the rain in
many peoples lives in Central Asia, you are the living
water that they look
for every year, and even though you are not there at the
moment, they look
towards the day when you are again, and then they will build
their lives a
little better than the year before.Let it rain my friends, let in
Blessings Dan :)

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Lori said...

Watching these amazing updates truly makes my heart sing!!! God is GOOD!