Wednesday, October 08, 2008


The Orphanage in town that Altyni's brothers and sisters are now at is operated by the Mercy foundation. They just happen to run best grade schools in the country... Both there academic and moral standards are next to none. The "Flag ship school in their school system is the School of Blessings, and is located just a few blocks away from the orphanage. We received word today that despite the interruptions in there education and the instability they have experienced, two of the four siblings have passed the entrance exams and have been excepted to this school. The youngest is just to small but will go there next year. Aziz has not caught up enough from his time away. I have no doubt that if we can invest in tooter for him now , he too will excel. Just last spring, he won a country wide storey writing contest.......Aziz is a bright , intelligent and gentle young man , he does not deserve any of the curves that life keeps throwing at him .......I can think of many times in my life that my parents stood up for me and sacrificed, so that I would have a brighter future.... They took a stand , and did not allow me to slip through the cracks when I was assessed with having a learning disability. Now I am by no means an English scholar, and I still struggle daily with my reading and spelling abilities...or lack there of, but I find it ironic that the future of Aziz and many like him , will be shaped by my ability to "plead their case" The greatest obstacles I have faced in my life have now become my tools. Maybe that is why my heart aches so much for children like Aziz that just need some one to stand in the gap for them and say NOT ON MY WATCH!


Bree said...

Oh no!
Does Mercy not have Special Education services and Remedial classes for those needing assistance?
Is the only option just hiring a private tutor?
How much is needed?

Julie and John Wright said...

The Mercy School of blessings has the highest accidemic standards in Central Asia. Aziz would do very well in a regular school. I can't explain it, but something in me wants the very best for him.....I guess I still feel that we let him down by leaving before we got his family situation under control ...I think we could hire a tutor for about $30 a month. It's not a lot, but when you add up all the little $30 comitments... it can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

The Journey Continues said...

Hi John and Julie,
A great tutor idea - there are seven second year students at the Professional Institute. I know them and they are great young people. I bet one or more of them would work with Aaiz and bring him him up to grade level. Natalia could probably check into it.

bree said...

I understand your commitment to daughter has learning disabilities and was unable to attend a Christian private school with my other children. I was heartbroken. I wanted the best for her too.
Perhaps we can raise $30.00 a month that might assist a student help him who also needs the money too maybe?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Wow, and I thought it was hard fighting for proper services here in Canada for those with exceptional needs! How much harder it must be in underdeveloped countries! I can honestly say that I can sympathize with you in this situation. Regardless of the outcome believing in this child will do wonders more than any tutor ever will. Press on and pray for the best. Yes it is hard, but with God all things are....what??? You know!!!! Your friend and breakfast buddy,

Anonymous said...

I donated $30 for one month of tutoring for Azizbek. His story touched my heart. I have an adoptive son from Kazakhstan and a biological son with a learning disability. May you be blessed for your many acts of kindness!