Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's funny how things happen that catch you off guard ... simple things ... not life shattering... but things that jolt you to reality... The girls got out the lap top that we were using in Central Asia... they were playing pinball on it, and when the game was over, the top three players names are shown... in number three..... Shakeer..... Do you have any Idea what this means ... This means that no one is allowed to play that game again, because if any one beets his score , their name will replace his on the list..... Like if he had a bed room, we would have to close the door and lock it so no one moved anything...

You see Shakeer is one of the older boys from the orphanage . He was at our apartment for a boys day out when they were playing on the computer.... and that's one memory that the girls are not ready to let go of just yet... so for now..... no more pinball


Anonymous said...

I hear what you are saying. I've been trying to transfer the video I took in Kyrgyzstan to DVD, I wanted to make sure I had everything covered from the fours hours+ of footage and make sure it was around an hour for people to watch. After all who watches home movies for more than an hour? So I've had to do it three times now and its still over two hours long. Its so tough letting go of any of it from such an important time.
There are only two things that you can take into heaven, (1) Yourself (2) The relationships you have while you are here.
And somedays I'm not so sure about #1.
We'll pray that someday soon Shekeer will be able to beat his own record on your Laptop:)

Blessings to you all

Dan :)

LAMb International said...

So true - it would be like closing the door. His door remains so open in your hearts. We just keep praying you will soon be returning to continue the work you all do so well!