Friday, October 24, 2008

Johnny-bek's "Magnum Opus"

You may have noticed that I have not had a lot of updates recently It is not that I have not been at the computer... it fact I have been glued to it for the last two weeks... With the help of our friends at Possibilities International, I have been working on my "Magnum Opus" . After six months of working in Central Asia with the helpless hurting and lost, We have come home not only with our hearts broken but our shoulders laden with a burden to find a way to help our friends that we have left behind. At the same time, Sam Welten ,executive Director of Possibilities International , has had a brain child of his own.... What if we could find a way to share the SIMPLE DREAMS of those that we are working with, and create an avenue for people around the world to experience the absolute JOY of fulfilling one of those dreams ? It really is the Perfect storm..... From this SIMPLE DREAMS is born.
here is how it works...

step 1. Our workers, (from this point
forward known as, "DREAM AGENTS") , identify a SIMPLE DREAM..., that is, a need
that would alter the course of a life , and that would likely never be achieved
unless someone steps up to the plate...
step 2. We post that SIMPLE DREAM on
line with a couple photo's and the story behind them so that a wannabee
"Philanthropist".., (from this point on known as "DREAM BUILDERS")can have the
opportunity to make a DREAM into a REALITY.
step 3. The DREAM BUILDER selects a
DREAM ,and pays using the attached PAY PAL button. and the ball is in
motion..... the funds are transferred to the DREAM AGENTS bank card, and the go
ahead is given for the SIMPLE DREAM ....
step 4. This is my favorite
.The DREAM becomes a REALITY...
hearts are touched, people are transformed... futures are shaped... lives become
whole again...Hope and Dignity is restored to those with non.... all because "U did it"

step 5. The DREAM AGENTS take some
more follow-up photo's and send in a report.
step 6.
WE post the
follow-up report at the bottom of the original post and move it to the
"U did it" file , and the BREAM BUILDER receives an email notifying them of the update,
and the impact that they have made...

step 7. A part that I also
like ...
You the DREAM BUILDER receives a tax receipt at the end of the
year so that our federal governments can also be DREAM BUILDERS .... now how does
it get much better then that.

This sight will be a work in progress as we iron out all the bugs, and find problems we never thought of, but what better place to launch the sight then with our friends.....

Before I send you on to the sight, I would just like to take the opportunity to again thank all of you that have decided to sponsor me personally... because of your support, I have been afforded the opportunity to make my DREAM into a REALITY....
Now go have some fun ... click on this photo and check it out.....oh ya... why not ad this photo and link to your own sight as well.... The DREAMERS in Central Asia will thank you for it.


Cindy LaJoy said...

Right on John!!! This will make an enormous difference in lives, one Simple Dream at a time. You are making it possible for everyone to be able to give small amounts and make big changes for people. Thanks for your work on this, and you can bet I will be a vulture hovering over the Simple Dreams site!

Anonymous said...

Passion (The Wrights)(from the Latin patior, meaning to suffer or to endure) is an emotion of feeling very strongly about a person. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for anything. Passion often applies to lively or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal, cause, or activity or love.

Says it all.


Anonymous said...

Simple Dreams. Tv?
Your Magnum Opus could probably make for a GOOD reality show.
Making a difference in a far off place...people call in donations...
I love your idea.

Jamie said...

Awesome...linked it to my blog today. Praying about a dream to start with.