Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Russian 101

After work tonight I meet Julie and the girls in town for supper , then it was off to Millbrook Ontario to give some Russian lessons. Millbrook is preparing for trip to the Ukraine where they will be meeting up with Ed. They will be leaving Canada on Christmas day to help with the McJoyful Christmas Program . They are going to have a blast. If you are new to this blog you might ask "What is McJoyful Christmas.?" well I will let Ed explain it..........

In the last few years, McDonald's has opened a number of flashy new restaurants in the former Soviet Union. In the city of Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, the McDonald's is the place where the "elite" folks eat! Poor folks and certainly the orphans in the city only dream of being able to enter the golden arches. One cold December day, I thought, "Why not take as many orphans as I can to McDonalds for a Christmas party?" What a thrill that was! The first Christmas there were 46 orphans, who had, of course, never been to a McDonalds before, taken out for the time of their lives!
The kids were so excited they were shaking in their seats as they waited for their Happy Meals! After the kids finished eating they put their cups, straws and wrappers into their bags to take back to the orphanage with them. I watched in amazement as they even folded up the little paper placemats.
As I was busy getting the kids to the bus, Olya, one of our workers came to me saying, "Ed, these two little girls have something to say to you." I thought they were going to thank me for the special meal and I didn't want them to say that because I wanted the kids to know that this was all done because GOD loves them. Then the two little girls looked up at me shyly and said, "We just want you to know that we had been praying together that God would allow us, somehow, to go to McDonalds someday."

That was in 2001. The McJoyful Christmas program has grown since then....and I mean grown. Now I have seen the excitement when we took 50 kids to an amusement park.....when we took 35 disabled kids out for supper....and when we took 45 youth bowling....or even cooked supper for 200 kids in an orphanage.... But for the life of me I can't imagine the excitement when they bring close to 4000 kids to McDonald's..... That's right ...4000 kids many of whom have never been out of the orphanage before.... can you imagine. Julie always accuses me of taking things to the limit, but 4000 kids. Not only that, but for every kid that goes, a years supply of vitamins is provided. When Ed started this, he funded it with his own money, but for obvious reasons, he would appreciate help. The cost of this Edventure is $10 per child......that's $10 per child . If you would like to help Ed this Christmas , you can contact him at Tell him you found out here and be eligible for the actofkindness rate ....... 10 kids for $100...

Blessings John

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