Thursday, November 22, 2007

Calling all Camera's

I have been playing with an idea.... and I need your help.
Ever since the digital age collided with my household, I have been living in a virtual lightning storm.. I think we have close to 26 000 photos of the bird, and even more of the cat and dog. My girls have gotten hours of enjoyment taking photos. We have photos of the kids on the wall, we have photos in albums , we have photo on the computer, and now we have photos on facebook.
Last year I heard how our friends in Xxxxxx had purchased a small photo album for each of the kids in one of the orphanages. Last month I had the privilege of visiting that orphanage, and seeing first hand the excitement as these kids showed off their photos..... they each had about 3 or 4 pictures of themselves. Eight years old and there life's history is wrapped up in 4 photos.
I started thinking......If we could get our hands on a 1/2 dz digital cameras and a photo printer, we could teach photography and scrapbooking to some of the older kids at the orphanage. We could set them up and have them take photos of all the kids, and maybe even make some photo albums for the other orphanages in the region.
At this point I don't have it in the budget, but I got thinking that with Christmas around the corner, lots of you, or people you know may be upgrading their digital camera's. If anyone would like to donate their old camera or camera equipment (rechargeable batteries etc.) to this cause, you can send them to :
John Wright
2141 R.R.#3
Norwood Ont.
Canada K0L 2V0


LaJoy Family said...

John, if I send a battery charger with US plugs, can you get an adapter so it can be used over there?


Julie & John Wright said...

Hi Cindy
We have some transformers that we will be leaving there for them. So 110 v would be no problem.
thanks John

LaJoy Family said...

Hi John!

I have a cemera I am going to send along with a battery charger. I will try and get it out this wekk, I will include a 512mg card as well and a small carrying case. This is a great idea and I will mention it on my blog! Maybe others will see it there and decide to help too.

Ivy Lee said...

John,we are travelling to Kyrgyzstan to meet our baby at the Bishkek baby house on the 17th and have a spare camera to donate. We even have extra batteries and chargers. How do we get this to you?