Sunday, November 18, 2007

Adopting from Central Asia / Xxxxxxxx

Julie and I were discussing today with the girls about how when they were young, we had started the process of adoption. We had gone through all the classes and had started the home study . We were preparing to adopt an older, difficult to place child .It is such a big step, and effects so many lives, we wanted to make sure that this was the right decision. About that time, there was this very old, and very wise pastor that would preach at our church from time time. I remember watching in amazement how he would almost have to be helped up to the pulpit, then as the power of God came upon him his entire countenance would change ,and in minutes he would be preaching like he was in his 20's again...clear, energetic...(all over the platform ) , funny, and spoke with authority..... then when he was all done, this frail old man would carefully return to his seat. We went to him after one of these services, and asked him to pray for us, that we would like clarity about whether or not to proceed with adoption.... with that same clarity and authority we had seen earlier, ho told us that this was not Gods will for us at this time, and that we should not be committing to adopting now, but that one day God would be calling on us to be helping many.
I think back to that time, and I never would have imagined that today we would be so involved with so many hurting and lost little soals. Every one of them, we could adopt if given half a chance. It is so hard to walk through the orphanages and see so many kids and know that there are people out there fighting for the chance to adopt and provide them a real home.

This sweet little girl here in the pink, has no parents, and no extended family. She is completely on her own. She is smart , gentle, outgoing and gets along well with all those around her. To her detriment, she has no medical conditions....... this means that in her country, she will not be eligible for international adoption and it is highly unlikely she will be find a "national" family. What does the future have in store for her.? Possibilities International pays two workers to maintain a presence in her orphanage,($130 / month) to provide counseling and positive instruction as well as any special needs.... They will do their part to "Protect her " as she gets older.....and maybe one day we can find a way to get her a real family.
To our friends on the Yahoo adoption groups, Please don't give up, please don't stop fighting through all the red tape , Please don't get discouraged, please don't let the continually changing regulations cause you to back down. You hold the course, And we will continue to pray for strength and encouragement for you, we will pray that the finances would be released to meet all your needs. I pray that one day I will see one of you posting photos of this little girl on a horse back, or riding lawn mower or dressed in a soccer outfit, or maybe at Disney land ....Just don't give up.
....looking after the orphans in their need......James 1:27


Hilary Marquis said...


I met another family today that is interested in Kyrg! We won't give up, not ever. I will talk to whomever will listen (and some that won't :) And someday, Tim and I may be back in Kyrg to bring another one of God's children home...we'll just have to wait and see what He has in store.

LaJoy Family said...

John, it is the children like the little girl in the photo who break your heart the most. Advocating for them is useless as they are not available for adoption and will likely spend their entire childhood growing up in an underfunded orphanage environment. They have no hope of escape, even if for those that are available that hope is slim of finding a family. It is for those children that what you do is the most significant, the long term changes in their orphanage environments has a lasting impact.

It is why I have continued to blog long after Kenny has come home from Kyrg, in the hopes that others who are on the fence about adopting might see that it all works out, that it is not as scary as you think, that it can be done and the children there are marvelous and need parents very, very badly.

I hope you guys never stop what you are doing, and there is no doubt that someday I will be with you over there doing whatever I can do.


Sharon said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time. Its great to read about all the things your doing over there. I don't understand why that little girl in pink isn't available for international adoption. Especially since she has no relatives to take her in. I would think that would make her a good candidate. My husband and I would adopt her in a heartbeat! We'll looking at Kyrgyzstan for adoption. Its seems a bit expensive but I keeping praying God will provide a way. Keep up the good work and God bless.