Saturday, November 03, 2007

Home makeover

While living in town, We will be staying at an apartment owned by Ed Dickson. Ed is seen here with some of the thousands of Orphans that he takes to McDonald's in the Ukraine every year . Ed is the director of Loads of love / Link 127 and is responsible for much of the work that we do in Central Asia.
His apartment is clean and in a good location. I has not really been lived in for many years. Ed provides it free of charge to missionaries and pastors who come time to time to teach at the local Bible college. I think that more than anything it gets used as an emergency shelter. In the past, along with staying there our selves we have moved people there while we are doing "Home Makeovers" .
You have to know Ed to know that he is so non materialistic. and as nice as the apartment shows.
We would love have the opportunity to really bless Ed ... and in turn, all that use this apartment. We have already begun work on the apartment installing new windows, and adding some appliances to the kitchen. It is one of our goals while we are there to take the money that we are saving in rent, and upgrade the apartment, maybe some new beds, sheets, blankets , towels. A little remodeling in the Kitchen , a new fridge, and maybe even some cooking utensils.
When a people like Ed puts so much on the line , devoting his life completely to helping the hurting and the lost, doing the work that you and I should be doing, I think it is important that this apartment feels less like a "Room" and more like a home.
Cost $400/month

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