Thursday, January 11, 2007

Update from PREVIOUS POST "EDventures "

Remember Vadim an orphan with a dream? Well for him, his dream has come true !
Here is part of an email I just recieves from Ed.

I had a bunch of bids on Vadim's painting ... you know what the highest one was? ... $1000!!! So I had some people from Halifax (who were coming over for McJoyful Christmas) bring a brand spankin new laptop with all the bells and whistles that Vadim ever dreamed about ... we gave it to him on December 25th! Here's a picture of him with his new laptop!
I got so excited about the results with Vadim's computer that I registered a new site (to rival ebay on the net! :)
edbay !!!
So soon will be up and running and allow people to bid on orphans artwork and go further teaching the orphan kids how to fish!

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