Saturday, January 27, 2007


Well as much as I wanted, it looks like I will not be able to return to Central Asia this spring, In my head I know that it is the right choice, but in my heart, I am still really disappointed.
This trip over was going to be more of a fact finding trip in Central Asia and Xxxxxxx. Although I have tried every year, it has been a few years since I was last in Xxxxxx. I think it would be great to travel around and see the projects and visit with friends at previous projects without the same time restraints. You know I was almost 5 weeks in Central Asia last time and only got by to see a Giana ( older man we fixed the house up for last year) once, and that was only for about 10 minutes. When there with a team, we are just so busy,there is hardly a spare moment. I guess we are always mindful of the sacrifices that so many had made to get us there.
. We are in the process of re-mortgaging the house now to prepare for the long turn trip next year.. We need to have our own plans and Itinerary in place soon so we can arrange flights, Visa's accommodations etc. as well as shots and passport renewal. I hope to get that all out of the way soon so that we can start booking teams in as soon as possible. They will need to have time for preparation and fund-raising. With all this going on soon, I didn't think it was right to ask friends for support for March, and Personal finances are already stretched.
I was pleased to hear that Dave will be joining Sam in March. It has been a blessing to see the energy and enthusiasm that he and his family, and his church have brought to missions in Central Asia. He works so hard both here at home, and overseas that it is really great that he will have this opportunity to be on location without the pressures of a regular trip.
To all our friends reading this blog in Central Asia Sorry I will miss you this round, but we will be back soon enough.
Blessings John

Ps . They would not let me sign in without switching to this new blogger, and I am not happy. I some how managed to cut and past this article , and it landed here as a link to a photo of Dave and the team checking out the gardens at the house he bought in town for the family from the dump. I guess this will take a little getting use to.

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