Saturday, January 27, 2007

I Love this Photo !

This is a Photo taken at the town baby orphanage in Central Asia.... The look on Robins face says it all. Now don't get mad at me here, but it's like picking up a toad.... the minute you pick them up, they pee all over you...but if you can get past that....
It reminds me on an incident in one of the orphanages in Xxxxx . I was having a particularly bad day. I was overwhelmed, and nothing was going right. I needed a break, and remembered seeing a couch in the hall in front of the crawling room ( a room for kids that were not able to walk) I decided to go sit on the couch and have a time out. No sooner did I sit down, but a small child , about 6 or 7 years old dragged herself out of the room and climbed up onto my lap. she snuggled into my chest, peed, and promptly fell asleep. After about 1/2 hour, she woke up and climbed down and went back to the room. Right away, one of the workers there came over to me and said how thank full she was that I had taken that time with the child. She had been trying to explain to the kids about the love of there father in Heaven, but they had no fatherly contact that these kids could relate to, but now this girl might understand.
Here I was having a selfish pity party, and God used it for what could be one of the greatest impacts of the trip. From then on when people say to me "What could I do on the missions field," I say " Can you hold a Baby."

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