Thursday, January 25, 2007

¨Xtreme Makeover-Guatemala Edition¨

Today we found ourselves deep in the jungle(literally)...visiting a school in the north east part of Guatemala in the mountains. It just may be the location of the ¨Xtreme Makeover-Guatemala Edition¨ in January 2008. We still have a few places to visit no definites yet. However...they need a new set of bathrooms at the school....and what makes this ¨Xtreme¨ is the location....we are talking thatched roofs....dirt and humid...shanty town....and some of the most lovely, caring people on the planet. Will definitely keep you updated on plans for the trip next January.
Hector and Ruth Aragon are our hosts and two of the greatest missionaries I have ever worked with or travelled with. I am so pumped about partnering with them in Guatemala. They are coming back to Canada from July to December this year and if you are a pastor reading may want to book them in your church....this my friends is a NO about passion....Hector is like a cannister of ¨nitro¨ that is always on the brink of going off. Trust want to connect with these folks...they do incredible work here.
Please continue to pray for Vee and I as we are here until Saturday...then we are coming home and will be in our home church (Freedom in Kitchener) joining with teh saints in teh pew and declaring the wonders on God! Please pray also for a trip I (and a couple others) will be heading on in late March to Central Asia and Xxxxxxxxxx. Another scouting mission....getting stuff in place for our teams this fall.

Passionately Connecting North Americans...
...helping orphans and the elderly in their distress.....


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