Friday, January 26, 2007

Bunnies to Capital City... Hitchhiking on the Internet

Ok Here is the deal... see these bunnies, they need to make it from Amsterdam to an orphanage in Central Asia.. I am not sure how this is going to work, but if the Internet community can turn a paperclip into a house or can raise the money to help some guy rent super bowl space to propose to his girlfriend, we can get "Bunnies to the capital city "

If you or someone you know is heading through Amsterdam to Kiev, or Central Asia, or returning to almost any major city in Canada, or even Rockford Illinois , or if you would like to sponsor shipping costs for these bunnies , please let us know... It may take a little time, and an interesting journey, but I bet we can do it!

learn more about this story by clicking on this link

4 comments: said...

Wait, these particular bunnies are no longer in Amsterdam but if you can get someone in touch with me who can transport bunnies to orphans I will be overjoyed to make new ones. It would make me very happy if my flying bunnies could be loved by children in need.
I will start making some to be ready for the call. said...

Does the orphanage have a postal address? Why can't I jus post them there?

act of kindness said...

Hi Kim.Kim
I guess I am use to doing everything on such a tight budget, that I overlooked the obvious. The closets location to you would be

Ed Dickson
Dragomirova 10a/48
Kiev, 01103

Ed makes regular visits to all the orphanages and will make sure the bunnies are adopted by the perfect child. ......we will also send you some photos of the kids receiving them .
Thank you again .

Blessings said...

I am going to send these babies plus if the shop has them, some skipping ropes too.

I don't want them to go to particular children, they are to just be community toys because there's not very many. I'd like to keep making and finding things to send on a regular basis though.

hope this link works but I will post the photo on my blog too.