Thursday, January 18, 2007

Village Orphans lead by example

Generosity is a virtue that we often attribute to the wealthy, but it is often the poor that make the greatest sacrifice. Jesus shines light on this with "The widows mite"
The first time I saw this on the missions field was in Xxxxxx. whenever we would give these children anything, despite the fact that they had nothing, they would turn and want to share it with the child next to them. another time we gave money to a halfway house in Xxxxxx and a few weeks later we received photos back of the men preparing gift packs to bring to others in prison. When we travel with a team, we sometimes find ourselves in the homes of the locals, and it is amazing the food that they bring out. We would never think of serving cold boiled chicken with afternoon tea, but when you realize that what they have done is put all the food they have out for us. We have so much and they have so little, yet they are prepared to give us everything they have. I was reminded of this today when I received this email from Sergey and Anya

Hello dear brother.

I want sand for you this e-mail because is news touch my heart when I listen this.

You know what in Christmas day we did packets with candies for all kids in orphanage, and we gave every kids in orphanage. Yesterday we ask how they do in Happy New Year? They said what the 30th of December all kids from orphanage take packets with candies did half all packets (part kids keep and other part they give for other kids) and did show for other kids from the village. Director have address where live poor kids this parents, and she and older kids from orphanage visit those kids and gave candies for kids who live poor with parents. Oh, many parents have sock, many ask "how much coast packets with candies, and say what if they sell what parents can't buy because haven't money" but kids from orphanage say what is free. Wow.

I now see what kids for orphanage have a big hearts. I now have just emotions.

From these kids we can learn. We have lots, and sometime we can't or don't want give for other who needs :( Or we say:" this is all my, just my and I not give for other" Is sad. I now am cry, and I think what this example touch your heart and we can look for our life with new eyes.

God bless you.

Sergey, Anya and kids.

Wow, what a challenge for us all!
Thank you Anya for the update

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