Sunday, November 05, 2023

Boots, Burgers & Bowling .

 So I have a big day coming up and I would like to enlist your help.   In a week I have a birthday and Julie has been asking me what I would like.  One of my favorite outings is BB & B.  Boots , Bowling , Burgers. This is when we take a big group of orphans for a terrific day of shopping for winter boots, then to the bowling ally and out for supper afterwards. We usually do this with a fall team , but there are no teams this fall so we will enlist the help of our team here to do this. This is where we need help/  We will likely have about 40 kids , so I will need to raise about $800 for the event.   If anyone would like to help with this that would be great .. just let us know BB&B. then wait for some great pictures from the day . 

Yesterday we had a big picnic at the Kasher.   Sergey made a bunch of games for the kids, and Vlad made ploff.  I had a dozen hot dog sticks and hot dogs and fries and the kids all cooked their own hot dogs on the fire. They loved it .  Ruslan made us all the hotdog buns. 

One of the highlights for them was being able to hand out home made mittens scarves and hats to the kids . 

I learned that this orphanage had a bit of a crisis when their sponsor was not able to send them the coal money this year.  I was so blessed to be able to cover that for them and this week they will be getting eight tons of coal .  We will also resume coal deliveries on Wednesday . we have a long list of families so it may take a week to get them all delivered , just in time for the snow. 

Last week on the farm we started the addition .  This room will be a place for all the suit cases and hockey bags as they come in . rather then the coffee table in our living room. . The room will also house two large water tanks and a generator.  

The water and the electricity are regularly off , so this will provide water for the cafe , the laundry room and the chicken coop. 

I want to get the roof on and the room closed in before the snow comes .. already we are just below the snow line. 

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