Friday, November 17, 2023

More coal deliveries

Yesterday was a day of coal deliveries.  We dropped 25 bags of coal .. 1 ton .. and a couple bags of fire wood for fire starters to each home . As we turned down one street, we were overwhelmed with the needs and the different situations people were facing .  My friend turned to me at one point and said " when I see how people are living , I want to cry " .  BUT .. after a visit from us you could see the joy and relief that we left in our wake.  

One of the stops brought us to the home of the lady with one leg that we brought food coal and a portable toilet to last fall .  She is looking so much better and and cant tell you how happy she was to see me.  

Some of the seniors were a little apprehensive or maybe embarrassed about needing help.  Then I shared photos of my grand children and their Kyrgyz fathers and they were so excited and wanted to see more and more .. They said " You are not a stranger , you are Kyrgyz family coming back to help us " 

One lady wanted us in for tea but we were dirty and hade many more stops , so she brought us out a bag of borsolk. 

We have several more days of deliveries,  so stay tuned for more updates.   

We are almost finished the water tanks and utility room at the farm . 

I just have a bit of trim on the inside and to put down the floor . Outside I need to make the door for the generator room, just need to pick up some hinges today . 

 In 15 minutes I will be heading over to the main house where the boys are preparing a birthday breakfast for me, then at noon we will head out to meet up with a small orphanage to take them shopping for winter boots then into Bishkek for bowling and piazza .. Its going to be a great day.  

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