Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Birthday bash sponsored

I sat down at the computer today to give an update about the Birthday bash fundraiser , and as I was typing,  I got a message that the need has been met... What a blessing.  We met with the orphanage director this morning to discuss the planes .. I am excited about this .  If any more funds come in we will do another day of bowling and pizza with the kids from Ala too orphanage ( formerly Svetly Put. )   Stay tuned Saturday for photos of the day. 

Tanya has been busy giving out coal.  She is giving out 1/2 ton at a time to those in need. 

The boys are busy today bagging fire wood that was donated from the construction site. This is great for giving with the coal 

We got the new winter tires on the bus this week .  The bus is such a great vehicle . It has the extra seats in the front half and a huge cargo space in the back for transporting things like food and building supplies that cant get wet, as well as staying secure from theft when we have multiple stops .  This week the bus will be going to pick up a new dental chair we are giving the Hope clinic. 

I have had a couple of visits from some of our boys living off the farm with some Birthday gifts. Julie does a better job ad modeling then me 😊

Mish has been working in the apple orchard, lots of pruning to get the trees back under control. 

The addition is coming along great.   I had great plans to have the roof finished today , but it has been non stop traffic here today with well wishers .. It has been nice to get to visit with everyone. 


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