Monday, October 30, 2023

making the best of a few nice days before winter starts

The Boys came to the Kashar and worked as waiters for the day .  We were hosting a couples retreat. What a beautiful day it turned out to be . 

all set up and waiting for the guests to arrive 

We set up a 4 course meal served to the couples, each at their own table, spread out for privacy.

The kids did great and had fun.  They had their own table and enjoyed the food and the activities.

Down on the farm we are working on a back up services building. 
It will have several says supply of water as well as back up generator.   This will allow us to have laundry and shower facilities available all the time, as well as a continuous water supply for the chickens and rabbits.  


Tanya is still working on coal deliveries out in the village . We will continue deliveries next in the Tokmok area starting next week. 

We are looking for a bit of help for Marat .  He is doing great, He works through the week in Bishkek and spends the weekends back on the farm. It had been a long time since he had his eye surgery.  It was time to get his eyes checked and new glasses .  The bill was $250 . He is hoping that we can find a sponsor to help him cover this need . 

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