Tuesday, November 21, 2023

A draining day

 This morning was a very emotionaly draining morning. From house to house , hearing some heat wrenching stories. Like a home with two days , mother was working as a cleaner. A few months ago their father died and just a couple weeks later their brother had surgery and did not survive the operation ... Then on to the home of a young mother who's husband died in a work related accident , them to track down a single mom of six kids who is a janitor ... We had to track her down because she does not own a home so she has to move around a lot .. oh did I mention that the kids are not her biological kids , she has just taken them in ...  All hard working , not lazy not drinkers just hard situations .. but it did not end there .. house after house .. the situations continued to mess with my head. 

Then on to do some shopping for cleaning supplies to bring to the baby orphanage .  We also brought more scrubs as well as some beautiful knitted baby outfits and blankets 

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