Monday, February 21, 2022

The Eleventh Hour

As you know , we have a goal of raising $5000 to be able to provide seeds and food hampers to $250 families .. $2500 for seeds and $2500 for food . This morning was the deadline to be able to order and pay for the seeds .... And this morning I woke up to a total of $2520 .. this will be enough to move ahead with purchasing the seeds . 
  I find that funds often arrive in the 11th hour, and that is simply because God knows that we do not need them before that .. He is always on time . 
 We will continue to raise funds and I am believing that the food money will come next. We have one week before we will be ready to start packing the food bags, so we will keep the thermometer going for the next week . 

In Canada ,  there is a break in the weather , so that means getting ready for the Maple syrup.  I put in a dozen spigots in the trees and lit a fire in the Kazan to try to melt off some of the snow before I need to start boiling down the sap.  

Back in Kyrgyzstan, we were given a tree that needed to come down, they know that we give away a lot of wood and coal, so they were happy to help.  Sergey and the boys went to work and brought it back to the farm and cut and split it for for fir wood 


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