Monday, February 14, 2022

Into the MUD and OUT OF THE MUD.

There is something special that happens when you help someone plant seeds .. Just by nature it is new life and a fresh start .  As you care for and tend to the crops they begin to bare fruit.  When the kids come to the farm, they learn to be farmers.  

When the crops start to grow, they get so excited.  But the greatest excitement of all comes when they are able to bring food back to the orphanage that they came from , or to their friends and families if they have them .  

It is the same thing with families that we help with seeds .  People are shy, some times embarrassed to receive help at  times .   The vast majority really do want to be receiving help and not comfortable with it.  In fact we probably show you less then 10% of those we help out of respect for their wishes . 

 But let me tell you, when we can give people an opportunity to not only succeed for themselves, but be in a position to help others, THAT is when we are truly making a difference in their lives. 

A single package of seeds tossed INTO THE MUD has the ability to produce a thousand lbs of produce OUT OF THE MUD and in doing so  lift a person out of the mud as they provide for themselves and are able to be the ones blessing those around them .. It is truly a beautiful thing..  


A single donation of just $20 can be  instrumental in lifting a family out of the MUD and not just helping them but all those around them as they are able to share the blessing.  

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