Friday, February 11, 2022

Pray for the seeds

What a wonderful few days it has been as we have been able to place two large vitamin orders, and are just $275 correction make that $175 away form placing the last order .   

My morning regiment is C, D, Zink, and grab my N95 before going out the door, so with those sitting beside my computer , my vitamin guy told me that he could get us a great deal on those four items.  We were also able to special order adult and children's multi vitamins as well as the needed Prenatal vitamins . they will arrive in about a week.   This is what is set aside for us now.. 

By the end of a long hard winter, with poor nutrition and poor living conditions, vitamins are more then a supplement, they truly are a necessity.  Even in our day to day with processed foods, they are vitamin enriched , but there they do not have that luxury and getting a balanced diet is almost impossible .  We are so happy that we can move ahead with this. 

The boys shop classes continue to be a blessing to the kids on the farm.  It is teaching them a new skill, instilling confidence, and keeping them busy and out of trouble.  Right now they are learning to weld . 

Its not all fun for the boys.  This week we had a couple of them in to the dentist at Hope clinic operated by our friends from Luke Service International  They have been such a blessing to the farm. 

We just celebrated Marats birthday with a pizza party.  As an added treat for him and us, we had the team from Espanola join on a zoom call so that we could all visit with the boys .

The coal deliveries and the food deliveries have continued 

This is such a blessing to be able to reach out to those in need . 

So With the vitamins almost covered, it is time for us to switch gears.  It is almost time for people in Kyrgyzstan to start their seeds indoors for the gardens . Last year we were able to provide seeds for 250 families who would have otherwise not been able to plant their gardens .   We would like to give each family about $10 worth of seeds. and if we can at the same time give them a small food drop.  

To be able to do this, we need to raise $2500 for coal and if possible $2500 for the food.  I hesitate to put out the request so soon after so many of you were so generous with the vitamins, but unfortunately.. the seeds need to be planted when they need to be planted.  So now we will pray for the seeds .   


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