Sunday, February 13, 2022

Pray for the seeds

It takes a special type of faith to plant a garden.  In a country like Kyrgyzstan, for many families , spring planting comes at the end of a long winter. 

 A time when food supplies are short, and many are sick or weak from poor nutrition over the winter.  Then they have to take that which many do not even have, and go out back and put it in the dirt !  From that point They have to step back and trust God.  Will the seed germinate .. if it does not , there will not be more time in the season to replant! If it does germinate, will it get too much water , or not enough water...Its all a ballance, and many times there is not much they can do about that.  Then there is the scorching sun,  or the bugs that invade..

 Through it all they must Trust God , and   PRAY FOR THE SEEDS..  Because when we "Pray for the seeds " It does not mater what comes and what goes, those seeds will produce. 

That prayer starts NOW.. Literally praying for the seeds.  Right now we are praying for enough seeds to plant not just  5 gardens on the farm, but we also want to provide the seeds to 250 families so they can plant gardens for themselves and their neighbours in their area .  

 It is almost time to get many of the plants started in the green house and in window sills ... But we need the resources to pull this off . 

 We would like to raise $20 per family garden ($10 for seeds and $10 for food hamper )  If you would like to help sponsor a family , I can guarantee that they would appreciate it . 

Here is a little video we put together during the seed deliveries a year ago .. enjoy.

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