Tuesday, February 22, 2022

A match made in Heaven

I have been sharing so much about our fundraiser for seeds, (which still continues ) but I wanted to give a bit of an update about some other things going on with previous donations . 

The Vitamins have started on the move. C, D Zink, probiotics, and D's for babies along with N95 masks .  We will start organizing these now, and next week the shipment of Prenatal
 Vitamins along with Multi vitamins will arrive . then we will be ready to start delivering to expected moms and families in need . 

We have a friend from Kyrgyzstan  who has been working in the refugee camps in Pakistan.  After years  of living on the farm and helping us deliver food hampers in Kyrgyzstan she contacted us and said that she has found so many people near her that are in terrible need and was wondering if we could help her to reach out and help them.  Its interesting how God works , after a few times of delivering food, someone contacted me and asked if they could sponsor her monthly to help in the refugee camps . "A match made in Heaven"

 The people were so blessed and send a huge Thank you for the help.

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