Friday, June 18, 2021

Those that we miss

We are starting our plans to return to Kyrgyzstan , hoping for the beginning of september.  We are hoping to get everyone on the farm vaccinated by then.  This will allow us to begin opening things up for guests and teams on the farm.  

I just got a message from Vera and Oleg.. There never is a good time for something like this, but the key board that they have been using for 15 years now has given up and can not be repaired .  They need to purchase a new one.  We are looking for $1000 USD to get them a new one .  I am hoping that maybe this would be something that another church or business  might like to sponsor .. It is good soil.  

With the end of the school year summer arriving, we try to give opportunity for the kids to have a holiday.  This week Ruslan is in Isycool with some of his class maters and a teacher .. it is good to see him so happy. 


In this picture, Marrat is testing out a painting that someone would like on their car ... better to practice on an old board first ... Looks great Marat. 


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