Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Fathers Day Scholarship Fund .

Congratulations Melody .. she is one of our graduates.  It is an extra special time for her as she has been excepted to Moody Institute in the fall. 

 We have a few others as well that will continue there education this fall as well .  

 As I look back through my face book memories, I see that this is the time that we usually return from Kyrgyzstan , and suddenly I start to feel the same stress that I usually return with ..   That stress is TUITION ... ever year we need to raise about $15000 US and this year is no different.   Other years we have had the  Fathers Day Scholarship Fund .  For that hard to shop for dad that has everything he wants .  why not send a scholarship donation. any father will recognise the importance and the pressure of a tuition payment.   Please consider how you could help a student like Melody. 

We are happy to welcome Igor to the farm today.    Here he is sitting on the bench with Nuric.    We are looking for a monthly sponsor for him.  It costs us about $150 for each new kid on the farm, that includes all their living expenses as well as a small monthly salary they recieve.  When I see him and think how he has came through the orphanage system and had no were to go,  it pains me to think of him out on his own.  I feel so blessed that we are not alone and that so many of you have invested so that we can welcome him with open arms to the family .. 

It will be fun to watch over the weeks and months to follow how he will grow .. once he gets some of Angola's cooking into him and the stress of living is lifted, he should thrive .. At least that is our prayer. 


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