Friday, June 25, 2021

Food drops continue as the next wave approaches

Today the food deliveries continue .. this time it is food and supplies to the drs and nurses at the clinic that we support .  Its difficult to see friends in photos and behind masks.. from 7000 miles away, but we are happy that we at least have this contact.  We have had others we work with asking for more help .. we would likely need about $2000 for the next food drop.

You can hardly recognise Akbar  past the smile !

A friend of ours in the village has been able to arrange for about 30 bikes that kids can use on bike trips.  He keeps the bikes at his house and then is able to do any necessary repairs on them when they return.  He even has a couple of the farm boys working with him on this as a training for them . 

There is a body work shop there as well where Marat has been learning .. Now that school is over,  Ruslan has started working there as well .  The boys love this hands on learning .  We are hoping to do some renovations there to winterise the shop and purchase a few more tools .. This will be about $3000 to be up and running before winter.   Right now the Kids work early until about 10:00 then are off through the heat of the day and then back at 6:00pm for a few hours. through the down time they can go over to the shop and learn their chosen trade. 

Out on the garden things are starting to fill out .. it should just be a few more weeks and we will be able to start harvesting food which will really help take some of the pressure off the cost of the food hampers that we give out 


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