Thursday, June 03, 2021

A place to call home

We  had a bit of weather on the farm last week .  One of the problems with the mud block building is that when the exterior  cement comes apart the water will quickly damage what is behind it .  We will need to act quickly to repair this before it gets worse.  

Definitely a job for one day soon.   

The gate on one of the houses has always been in bad shape.  It was more a section of wobbly fence that we would pick up and move to open and close.  Because it was so insecure, the neighbourhood cows would often come right in and get into our orchard and gardens... This week Marat finished welding and constructing a new gate for us on hinges .. it looks great. 

The two new boys on the farm are learning the ropes ..and that includes how to milk a cow.  Misha is only too happy to teach them .. the more milk maids the better. 

It looks like there will be one more set of hands on the way .  We just had a call from one of the orphanages that they have a boy that has just graduated from one of their trade schools, is 18 and has no place to go. They have asked that we take him to the farm.  Vlad will meet with them and just go over all the rules with him as well as bring him to Dr Tatyana to do a health check, as well as take him shopping for what ever he might need .. Often they arrive with only what they are wearing .   The usual set up cost when we receive a new kid is about $100 , and the cost to keep them and cover a small salary for them is another $150 a month .  I will share more about this in the days to come so that we can find some sponsors for him if it works out that he comes to the farm.   
   I was given his name , but so many kids we know, but do not know their names .  We used to have Emma and Bekah with us and they would whisper their names to us when the kids approached ..   One thing we do know is that although I don't remember their names right away, they sure remember ours .. years of outings, fishing trips, swimming,  movies, circuses and picnicks ..not to mention returning with other older kids regularly with loads of produce and supplies,  they all helped the kids to feel a sense of belonging ,  and now that they are out of the orphanage, they do not have the stress of feeling all alone.. they all know about the farm and the ability to grow and mature from the farm as they are able .. They have a place to call home .. 
 If you are reading this and not already sponsoring one of our kids , this may be your opportunity .. I will keep you posted 


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