Monday, June 14, 2021

Making a difference in the lives of so many

The sun has set at the end of a long day in Kyrgyzstan. Our team continues to work to get food into the hands of those that need it. 

It may seem early yet for the tuitions , but it is that time of year when the kids  are preparing for the universities and collages that they wish to attend.  Many of those require a deposit now and the ballance in just a few months .  We have approximately $15000 in tuition payments so far. We really really need help with this. 
We lost the entire year last year with the guest house and are on 50% this summer. The other big difference we notice is that a large amount of the humanitarian aid work we do is done by teams when they come .. This is going into year two with no teams.  This has put an extra drain on our budget.  
If you are thinking about helping towards the tuition fund, now would be a great time to send a little something our way.  I Know that God always provides , and we will trust him to provide again now.   In the mean time the food drops and medical support  continue, and we continue  to except new kids on the farm,, 

I want to leave this little up beat story with you ..


"John good evening. I wanted to testify about Vicki. She passed the first ultrasound tests which showed breast cancer. She was very upset and I told her to go to Pastor and pray, and I turned to you about finances. Thank God you helped. Vika prayed with her pastor and then began to get tested again. The first showed on tumor markers, they were increased. She had a biopsy tested a week ago. Today she took the results, where they showed a benign tumor. The doctor was very surprised, said that this could not be so and she was very lucky. She said that God did it. Of course the doctor was skeptical, but said that she was lucky. We believe that God began the healing process. Now they will determine how to treat it or do an operation"

Thank you to every one who has invested in Vika , with both your prayers and your finances.. it makes such a difference .. Blessings 

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