Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Blazing New Homeschool Trails

Many times, over the years, We have consulted with Cindy LaJoy about the youth we support in Kyrgyzstan. Her encouraging, knowledgeable insights about learning styles, education and development have always been so appreciated.   Some times with the antics that our kids get up to,  I wonder how much better things would have been for them if they were in North America.  But then when talking to Cindy and some others like here we see that the damage was done early on and where they are geographically does not change the development issues that they may face ... What does change the outcome for them is a loving and caring understanding of how their brains are working, and a strong desire to help them succeed where they are able.  At the farm what I always say , like the song says  "Accentuate the positive"   As soon as a new boy or girl comes to the farm, we look to identify one or two of their strengths right away and very quickly learn the negatives or struggles they have to avoid.   Over the years, through trial and error and consulting with people like Cindy Lajoy have found some techniques that have worked for us.   We are so excited to see many of these techniques put to paper in an informative and interesting way.  

 Blazing New Homeschool Trails  is available now at Amazon in both digital and hard copy.  Now we can have this resource at our fingertips and I can share them with our team.   And now you can have this book as well. 

 Blazing New Homeschool Trails is an excellent resource for supporting any young person to an interesting and fulfilling future. It was encouraging to read such creative and courageous examples of how to guide and parent young adults. I enjoyed reading this practical and insightful book and look forward to implementing some of the suggestions for apprenticeship, self employment, skilled trades and entrepreneurship strategies with the young people we work with in Central Asia.......  Julie Wright 


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