Saturday, June 02, 2018

First day of Farm Camp for the orphanage / Our last day at the farm before returning to Canada.

Today was the first day of a two week camp at the farm.  The kids were so excited .

they will work around the farm in the mornings then will have activities in the afternoons ,  the pool was a big hit.

For lunch today we went up to the kashar and had hot dogs cooked over the fire and the kids played Frisbee and soccer

I took one last look through the garden.  I could not help it, I had to have a carrot before I left.  Still a little small  but good none the less.

we got six more bee boxes today. We will get these fixed up and then send them to the mountains with the bees. 

the washrooms are just about finished, or at least finished enough for the summer.  We can finish up and do some paint and papering when we get back in the end of the summer.

everything is plumed in and working.  And then the water is off in the village, we can just turn a valve and we have our own water supply, and the farm and guest houses will have toilets and showers. 

 We now have a morning here in Tokmok to pack then off to Bishkek and then the airport.   

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