Sunday, June 10, 2018

Strawberry season

The strawberries are in full swing now in Kyrgyzstan.  This is a cool picture of a bunch of the kids around the strawberry pans helping to clean and pluck to get ready to make jam.  Its funny, there was not that much help when we were washing spinach, but it is understandable and any help is welcome.  

The VERY BEST thing to go along with strawberries is fresh Borsolk .. you have not experienced a raw culinary delight until you have tasted it.  The strawberries in KG are somehow better then anywhere else, and I think that borsolk was designed as a way to eat them.

But its not all eating and playing , the kids still are working hard in the gardens every morning.  

Back in Canada today, Julie and I visited friends from Northview in Peterborough.  We had a great time sharing about the farm.  They have a large team coming to the farm in September.  During our time there we shared about our desire to send so many kids to further education this fall.  Things are going to look different at the farm with many of our kids away at school through the week and only home on weekends .  We are so excited for them all , and at the same time it can be a little concerning when we stop and look at the financial aspect of this.  I have what has become a deep routed belief that when God gives an assignment that the resources are tied to that assignment, and not the other way around.  I also KNOW that education is so important for our kids, not just for their future job prospects, but for their emotional development.    So we have not considered the possibility that the funds will not be there ... Well to be honest that sounds like a cool statement, but  I am not as spiritual as maybe I should be and yes is does scare me at times , usually around 3:00 in the morning , hahaha .. but I do know that I should not worry and just leave this in Gods hands.  This is something that I need to work on. 
Today I was reminded again to put it in Gods hands.  With out a prior plan, the group was prompted to pass the hat and in just minutes over $2000 was raised toward the scholarships.   What a blessing.. I had always heard that if you want to bless a parent, then bless their kids... Today our kids were blessed beyond measure... WE were blessed.  Thank you to everyone at Northview this morning.. Once again you have reminded me who is in control.  

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