Thursday, June 07, 2018

A little work and a little play.

Yesterday I posted about our scholarship program and our hope to get it a big boost over fathers day.   Vlad has been working at that end to see if there are any scholarships available and what help we can get in country.  One of the schools can not offer any special price, but they are willing to let us pay monthly rather then in two installments.   As well some of the scholarship will be going to housing or transportation costs that are also covered on a monthly or daily basis. This is great news for us.  It also means that if you our sponsors would like to help in smaller amounts on an on going basis, you could consider setting up a monthly sponsorship using the donate button on the side of the blog. 

Camp has been going great.  The kids are starting to get the hang of the morning chores.  On the rainy days they have English and math class as well.   

the ping pong and biking riding are a big hit as well 

yesterday they went for a hike up to the water falls, then had a picnic there.  

After the hike picnic they went to the yurts for the night ..they enjoyed the camp fire , in fact they loved it so much at the yurts that they plan on going back .

tonight's activity is board games at the cafe . 

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