Thursday, May 31, 2018

Happy Birthday Dustan

It was around this time of year that we had eight families of Bees show up at the farm when we some empty hives delivered  in fact eight of the 12 hives filled on their own. 
   Last fall our neighbor had 44 hives of bees, this spring he had two.. the rest of his bees did not survive the extreme cold.  We are trying to help him build a bee hotel that will help with winter die off .  The biggest hurtle will be to replace all the bees.  We have had a few donations come in to help with this .  Then last week we had a swarm of bees come to the farm and were able to collect them and give them to our neighbor.  1 down 41 to go !  

So with all that said, we had a thought.  Lets bring over a couple of empty bee boxes and put them in the fruit garden ... and wait for some new families of bees ... please believe with us. 

Today I will be putting the last few touches on the outside of the new washrooms , and Vlady will be plumbing in the fixtures.  I am pleased with how it has turned out. 


We designed it to match the new laundry room across the garden. 

last night was Dustans birthday 

I will leave you something to think about.   Dustan is a VERY smart boy, but is not at all challenged in the village school.  There is a private school near by that he would like to go to.  The school is a very good one, and is operated by a friend of Vlads.   Dustan  would live there Monday to Friday and be back to the farm on the weekends.  It is clearly the best option for him, but the kicker is that it will be $250 a month including room and board.  so we need to  find either a sponsor or two to cover  $2500 or  a few monthly commitments to cover the monthly fee (generally they do not offer monthly payments, but have agreed to as part of our tuition package  knowing his situation)    

We have about a dozen kids needing scholarships  this year , but this one is the highest.   They projected total of our scholarship fund this year will be about $15000 US.  It is a bit overwhelming for us, but we have faith that over the next couple months while we are in Canada we will be able to raise some awareness for this need .  I will also share some of the stories of the other kids here on the blog and maybe put up a thermometer so you can see our progress. 

Good night from the farm 

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