Monday, June 04, 2018

Day two of farm camp

Second day of farm camp was a rainy one, but that was no problem.  We have lots of indoor crafts for them as well.  Today is was some wood working projects that were supplies to us buy one of our grandchildren's classes.  The kids loved it.  

Then last night they had a movie before bed . 

But it is not all fun and games on a farm.  The kids were up early because they had chores to do .. Feeding the animals , weeding the garden, and a few even  worked in the kitchen learning how to make home fries, kasha and most importantly COFFEE...

Last night we went out for burgers with Bekah before heading to the airport .  After supper we ran into a couple of our boys from the farm out checking out the big city ... It was nice to get one more good buy from them. 

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