Tuesday, June 19, 2018

the final days of farm camp.

Our little girl that we have been helping had a bit of a set back today.  It looked like she was improving, but when she went back into the children's hospital today they found that she is not improving fast enough.  She is now scheduled for skin grafts for Thursday then follow up treatment after that.  We are feeling very blessed that several of you have been supporting our efforts with her, and  the funds are in place for the skin grafts and the next round of treatments .  such a blessing. 

The second week of farm camp has rapped up .  This has been such a positive experience for everyone.. Just stop and think about it .. Our farm kids, no longer orphans but now part of a the farm family, running a camp for orphans.   

It was not just the fun activities and the skills that they learned, the kids became part of our family. 

It was so hard for them to say good buy, and hard for our kids on the farm as well.  They did put together a little good buy gift for them from the farm to take home to remember their time . 

Fresh eggs and fresh milk, and of course 6 liters of strawberry jam 

Lets not call this good buy , lets just say see you soon, as I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of these kids in the future.  Who knows maybe one day they too will be living on the farm and helping with the farm camp with the next group of kids.  

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