Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Welcoming 2 new young men to the family .

This morning Vlad had a chance to visit with Ruslan.  It is a very difficult story, even for Vlad to share.  I guess that is why Ruslan is 21 years old but looks 35.  I want you to save this picture for you to remember  if only in your mind. Just wait until you see what a few months of good food and a loving environment will do.  We have seen it so many times,  so now it is a little easier for me to believe what is possible. 
New shampoo, tooth past and tooth brush, soap and sponges ... and a nice hot shower 

Here is another young man that you will be seeing more of  on the blog.  His name is Bektursun.  He is in University and is an incredible young man.  I met him the first time several years ago, and we actually were able to get him a Lap top so he could study computer sciences.   He is out going, and speaks at least four languages.  He is at a place where he just needs a little extra help, and we are so blessed that we can be there for him.  I will not share too much of his story right now as it is HIS to share maybe one day soon we will have him write a  post for the blog but if you feel led to make a difference in a young mans life , this might be a good start  .. 
The coal has arrived and more deliveries have been made, thank you everyone that is helping with this.  This family we are delivering here today are a mother and father and 5 little kids.  They are all very sick right now with bad colds. 

Vlad has been on the front lines and working hard.  I suggested that he should start eating some of the fresh veggies from the green house himself.  He said that there are orders for it all.  I suggested that  they go ahead and start eating some himself and some of the orders can wait an extra day.   Here is green house to table Bukchoy and peas.


I love seeing strawberries in February !

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