Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"The substance of things HOPED for!"

Many of you have either donated specifically for food for families in need or into our general fund.  We are so thankful for this.  This year has been especially long and cold, and this has put pressure on the economy.  Many families are finding themselves in trouble.  Just stop and imagine being out of food and someone shows up with flower oil fresh produce, sugar, tea and an assortment of grains and pasta's .. In a society with little to no hope , THIS IS WHAT HOPE LOOKS LIKE .. 

Thank you . 

 A short time ago I was talking to Vlad and he told me that we were starting to run low on coal and supplies, maybe enough for a couple weeks.   Right away I said well lets stop deliveries so that we can make it through the winter on the farm.   

I then got up and walked over to the kitchen to get a nice cup of coffee and a muffin , walking back to my computer past a nice warm fire and looking outside at a freezing -22 day.    I was convicted. We have been so blessed and for me to sit in my nice warm house enjoying a fresh muffin, and putting a stop to aid for others in need .. it was just wrong.  Right away I messaged back to Vlad "DON'T STOP .. We will figure something out".

   This morning, outside is freezing, inside is warm. the coffee is on and I pull a tray of fresh muffins out of the oven, and I have no conviction .... I pray that you can say the same. 

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