Thursday, February 08, 2018

A great week of travel

We had some guests at the farm during the summer that are now doing some exhibitions about their travels .  Here they are setting up, this picture is of Sibera and the eagle hunter up at the yurts.  

Last weeks training with David and Jayne was so incredible. We were so blessed to be a part of it, and have learned so much that will help us and the kids we work with.

 We spent a lot of time on the road in various snow conditions over the last week .  This was the view for many hours.

Our travels brought up to Espanola where we attended the celebration of life from a dear friend of ours.  Carol and her husband Jack (who passed away about a year ago ) were very close followers and prayer partners of yours .  Our blog had a link button in the middle of their home page , where every day would begin with a visit to actofkindness before morning tea.  Likewise this painting of Carols was the screen saver on my computer.   I am honored and blessed to now have the original hanging in my living room.  We are going to make a print of it to hang in the living room at the farm guest house as well.      

Back in KG the cold has meant more hard ship.  In schools, teachers have not been paid for a wile because the heating bills where too high .   this has put some added strain onto many good people .. Fortunately we have been able to bless them with flower, oil, tea, and sugar .  Thank you to those who support our efforts to help when needed ... Stop for a moment and realize the feeling  of relief that is in this picture.. well done!

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