Saturday, February 24, 2018

New baby on the farm

just a few hours old 
There was a new baby girl out at the farm today . This is Aigoola's cows first,   Everything went well.  They have mover her over to the nursery barn now with the other mothers and calves.

three months old 
When our kids were small we were very active in a church in a neighboring village .  We ran a soup kitchen there for years .   The church has since closed, and has been renovated and is reopening as more of a community outreach center.    There are so many great things that this space will be used for.  The grand opening is today.   Emma was asked if she could provide prints of her art for this space.  It is so cool.  She spent so much time there as a child, lying under a pew coloring, now her art will be displayed there for all to see.  

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