Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Does it make a difference?

Does it change your heart when you know the whole or at least more of the story? I know it does for me.  But I have to stop and question myself why.  A couple days ago I shared about a burden about some new kids coming to the farm.  I Knew that the very fact that they would be coming to us means that they have a difficult story and we need to help.  As the story begins to unfold I become more and more heart broken for them. 

For kids when they leave the orphanage system , many of them have no family that is able to watch out for them, and they don't have the necessary skills to watch for themselves.  That was the case for Ruslan when he left an orphanage for mildly disabled kids about 5 years ago.   It only took a short time before someone who was praying on vulnerable kids snatched him and likely sold him into slavery in Kazakhstan.  

Some how he was able to get away and made his way to Sergey and was then introduced to the farm.   Now 21 years old he is ready to start putting his life together.  He is  severely traumatized. probably not in the best physical condition and has bad headaches.  

  Julie and I just received a training for dealing with kids with Trauma and how best to help them ... nothing in the books gave examples of the trauma to the extent that this young man has faced.  We will just start by doing what we can do, showing love and care, and praying that God would heal and restore this young man.   I am not sure that Vlad knew all that he would be dealing with when he came to work with us at the farm,  but I know that he has the heart desire and ability to make a difference for Ruslan.  We are so thankful he and Sergey are there to help.  

This is just one of the boys that we are looking for a sponsor for so we can help.   Now that you know a little more of the story, DOES IT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 


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