Saturday, February 10, 2018

open for business

As we work towards self sustainability on the farm, we are excited to have the Guest house and Yurts.  Not only is it a great way for us to raise our operating budget, but it teaches our kids hospitality.. something that is so important in a Kyrgyz home, and something that they would have missed out on in the orphanages.  The kids learn to care for the guests needs, and be aware of what they might need.  They also will learn many life skills such as cooking and cleaning.  
  Having guests on the farm help to give our kids a much broader outlook on life as well.  Guests from all over the world have spent time on the farm and had the opportunity to share their culture and experiences .. what a great  experience for both the farm and the guests.    here is what one of our guests had to say 

"I work as a tour operator/ translator / driver out of Bishkek and recently had the opportunity to stay at the farm guesthouse with my guests for a little over two weeks. It was such a great experience for us. The staff were friendly and made us feel at home. The meals were great and the accommodations were clean and inviting. It became a home away from home. We even had a chance to stay up at the yurt one night. This is an experience I would recommend to anyone .. A traditional yurt with all the comforts.. the the view was incredible ..With so many things to see close to the farm like the hot springs and the Burana tower, the location was perfect for us. Thank you everyone for making this such a great experience. I am looking forward to the next opportunity I get to bring guests . "

We are now getting ready for the the 2018 season.   Yesterday we turned back on the airbnb booking site with a few more additions as we added the yurts and the second guest house .  You can check out the link below . 

We have a busy spring .  Starting the 6th of April we are pretty much booked right through to the beginning of June .  We do have a few openings in our over flow, but will save them for the walk in traffic as available.  

Also available we have a room in Bishkek that our guests can stay at while in the city . 

In the green house things are still doing great .  The strawberries have been divided and have started to bloom and produce fruit again.   

the Bukchoy is looking green and healthy but is not  growing very fast. I think as soon as spring comes we will transplant them out in the fields and they should grow fast .   these have been planted for two months, but in contrast , bellow is a picture of the red lettuce that was planted just three weeks ago 

Here is lettuce at about 5 weeks 

The spinach is like a jungle now.   And as fast as we pick it it is growing back.  This is great . We have been able to develop a market for it , and being winter, the prices are very profitable.  Spinach is also a very hardy plant and can take cold temperatures so that if we did have troubles in the sub zero conditions, the plants would still survive. 

The peas are filling out nicely.  I don't think we could ever grow enough to really make any money on them but they are nice to have for the kids on the farm . 

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