Monday, June 09, 2014

Trying to make it right

A few days ago I shared a need for a young boy from the south that we were made aware of while there a couple weeks ago.  He has bad seizures and could not get the care that he needed .   There was a small window of opportunity for him .  A team of Dr's is in Bishkek right now consulting with one of the top hospitals in the country.  Today our young friend and his advocate made the journey to Bishkek and has had an initial consult.  Tomorrow they will do an MRI and then see him again.  

We did not have a sponsor for this yet, but it was such a narrow time frame for this opportunity for him so we did not want to miss out.   

Reports came back from our friends there that he is such a wonderful boy, and a real blessing to meet him... As well they commented on what a great Man he had with him as an advocate .. Its a blessing to us to hear this .. sort of a confirmation that  this needed to be done ..  Bekah is one her way into the city to meet up with them in a few hours, and to bring a bit more money for tests .   I know our friends will be happy to see her. 

Over at Olga's learning centre, they are expanding again.  One more apartment has been added and is renovated and ready to open to help those kids in need .   We just need about $300 worth of chairs , carpets and other minor furnishings and we will be open for business... just in time to help kids in need get ready for school in the fall. 

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